DVD Production:
During my time at Air Age Media, I filmed, edited, and authored 4 full length instructional DVDs which went on to be their number 1 best sellers online.

Music and the Arts:

My love for music and artists have been a constant my entire life. The process of creativity and success are a constant fascination. I’ve recently started a personal series on local artists, musicians, business owners, and visionaries. More to come…

The Radio Control Show:

Originally shot with the host of Radio Control Hobbies which aired on the DIY network, I co-wrote, filmed, and edited The Radio Control Show for over 6 years. Through rain, snow, domestic and international travel, trade shows, events, and everything else, I managed to consistently get this little show up without fail for the duration of it’s entire run without missing one episode.

Commercials (more coming soon…):

Aerial Footage: