Some new faces in the studio. Check out our behind the scenes video and new pics. 

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The best thing about growing in any profession is the clarity that comes with time, experience, and endless hours of trial and error. And believe me, I’ve had endless mistakes and ideas that just never worked out. But one of the things I’ve learned over time is that simple is usually the best way to go. For this image, we used gold eye glitter, gold earrings, and sprayed on gold glitter to the back of a black foam core board to use as the background.

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Jess & Tony – Wedding in Long Island

Flowerfield in Saint James, NY on Long Island is a gorgeous place for a wedding. Not only are the grounds amazing (bridge over a pond, swans, vineyard, apple orchard, etc.) but the interior reception area is surrounded with live trees, a huge koi pond with a bridge over it, and live plants surrounding the area planted directly into the ground. Very cool. Congratulations to Tony and Jess!

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Having taken an early retirement as a college dean three years ago, I joined Americorp as a VISTA (Volunteers  in Service to America) working with college students involved in community service projects.

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On Being Natural

Getting a good expression can’t be practiced. I know you all have that bathroom mirror look honed to perfection, but that hardly works in a portrait. You’d be surprised what people think looks “sexy”. In reality, it boils down to being yourself and letting go.

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Hip-Hop musician from Danbury, CT; Al-Fatir stopped by the studio Saturday with his manager and marketing director. In addition to these photos, we shot an interview which will premiere in late December.

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I can’t think of anyone as genuinely happy and excited about life as Chelsey. She was full of compliments, huge smiles, and bursting with confidence.

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Baby portraits can be the most challenging, but also the most rewarding. Sessions typically last about 30 minutes and are more or less “rapid fire.” We take great care to keep the baby comfortable and relaxed through the entire session. This series was shot at her parents’ home. I brought along one of my studio lights and a small lighting umbrella and turned her bedroom into a temporary studio.


And here she is 9 months later.