Photographer: Joe Arthur | Hair: Bill Schlrau of Adam Broderick Salon | Hair Asst: Kerry Spafford | Makeup: Tiffany Hall-Scarmana of ESPN | Wardrobe: Erin Galligan | Model: Aly O.

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She laughed as she looked up and realized I was ready to shoot with my lens cap still on…for the second time that night. I’m forgetful when changing lenses. It isn’t intentional. Shelby arrived at 7:30 with her friend Thursday night.

They looked at each other from time to time, made funny faces, laughed, and did silly dance moves.

Her friend reminded me very much of myself about 8 years ago. Unfortunately his name escaped me. He works in a sheet metal factory as I did. Grinding away day to day in oil filled press rooms. Cool guy. Shy at first but you can tell there’s an interesting story lying beneath the surface.

I’ve never met Shelby or her friend before and it’s likely our paths won’t cross again. It’s such an awesome feeling to be able to capture a sliver of someone’s life in an image.


Last week, Emma came in to work as a model for the cover of one of our magazines. She was amazing to work with…super professional and new exactly what to do. We spoke for a bit and she mentioned her father and mother are in the photography business and actually met in Paris as models. Her father is now a photographer working with New York City actors and actresses and her mother is the make-up artist. What an awesome team! Discovery Health Channel actually shot an episode of their popular show “Runway Moms” at their studio.

I’m unable to post most of the images until they’re published, but here are a few of the “out takes”. Special thanks to Betty (the art director) for giving me the opportunity to shoot with Emma.

UPDATE – See published photos below…