Some new faces in the studio. Check out our behind the scenes video and new pics. 

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Fashion Modeling

Hey everyone. Thanks for stopping by the site. Here are a few images from my fashion shoot with Emmi on Monday afternoon.

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The best thing about growing in any profession is the clarity that comes with time, experience, and endless hours of trial and error. And believe me, I’ve had endless mistakes and ideas that just never worked out. But one of the things I’ve learned over time is that simple is usually the best way to go. For this image, we used gold eye glitter, gold earrings, and sprayed on gold glitter to the back of a black foam core board to use as the background.

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On Being Natural

Getting a good expression can’t be practiced. I know you all have that bathroom mirror look honed to perfection, but that hardly works in a portrait. You’d be surprised what people think looks “sexy”. In reality, it boils down to being yourself and letting go.

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I can’t think of anyone as genuinely happy and excited about life as Chelsey. She was full of compliments, huge smiles, and bursting with confidence.

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Last week, Emma came in to work as a model for the cover of one of our magazines. She was amazing to work with…super professional and new exactly what to do. We spoke for a bit and she mentioned her father and mother are in the photography business and actually met in Paris as models. Her father is now a photographer working with New York City actors and actresses and her mother is the make-up artist. What an awesome team! Discovery Health Channel actually shot an episode of their popular show “Runway Moms” at their studio.

I’m unable to post most of the images until they’re published, but here are a few of the “out takes”. Special thanks to Betty (the art director) for giving me the opportunity to shoot with Emma.

UPDATE – See published photos below…