Danielle & Michael – Engagement

Some couples have such a natural chemistry that taking photographs of them is almost too easy. Danielle & Michael are one of those couples. Had a great time with them this weekend! Click the images below to see them larger.

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Jess & Tony – Wedding in Long Island

Flowerfield in Saint James, NY on Long Island is a gorgeous place for a wedding. Not only are the grounds amazing (bridge over a pond, swans, vineyard, apple orchard, etc.) but the interior reception area is surrounded with live trees, a huge koi pond with a bridge over it, and live plants surrounding the area planted directly into the ground. Very cool. Congratulations to Tony and Jess!

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She laughed as she looked up and realized I was ready to shoot with my lens cap still on…for the second time that night. I’m forgetful when changing lenses. It isn’t intentional. Shelby arrived at 7:30 with her friend Thursday night.

They looked at each other from time to time, made funny faces, laughed, and did silly dance moves.

Her friend reminded me very much of myself about 8 years ago. Unfortunately his name escaped me. He works in a sheet metal factory as I did. Grinding away day to day in oil filled press rooms. Cool guy. Shy at first but you can tell there’s an interesting story lying beneath the surface.

I’ve never met Shelby or her friend before and it’s likely our paths won’t cross again. It’s such an awesome feeling to be able to capture a sliver of someone’s life in an image.