Awesome new look and menu items at PUB25 in Newtown, CT.

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Family Portraits

One of my favorite spots to take pictures in Litchfield, CT. Beautiful day with great people!

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Studio shoot with Tori

When in the studio, I try to aim for an image that you would actually use on Facebook. That may sound kind of an odd thing to aim for, but it is the perfect gauge of whether or not a photograph reflects how you see yourself. 

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Danielle & Michael – Engagement

Some couples have such a natural chemistry that taking photographs of them is almost too easy. Danielle & Michael are one of those couples. Had a great time with them this weekend! Click the images below to see them larger.

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On Being Natural

Getting a good expression can’t be practiced. I know you all have that bathroom mirror look honed to perfection, but that hardly works in a portrait. You’d be surprised what people think looks “sexy”. In reality, it boils down to being yourself and letting go.

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Hip-Hop musician from Danbury, CT; Al-Fatir stopped by the studio Saturday with his manager and marketing director. In addition to these photos, we shot an interview which will premiere in late December.

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Ride with Pro Formula Drift Champion

I recently traveled to Dayton, Ohio to film at an air force base, and then jumped over to Chicago to cover an event. While in Chicago I was lucky enough to score a ride with pro formula drift champion, Vaughn Gittin Jr. Check it out.



I can’t think of anyone as genuinely happy and excited about life as Chelsey. She was full of compliments, huge smiles, and bursting with confidence.

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She laughed as she looked up and realized I was ready to shoot with my lens cap still on…for the second time that night. I’m forgetful when changing lenses. It isn’t intentional. Shelby arrived at 7:30 with her friend Thursday night.

They looked at each other from time to time, made funny faces, laughed, and did silly dance moves.

Her friend reminded me very much of myself about 8 years ago. Unfortunately his name escaped me. He works in a sheet metal factory as I did. Grinding away day to day in oil filled press rooms. Cool guy. Shy at first but you can tell there’s an interesting story lying beneath the surface.

I’ve never met Shelby or her friend before and it’s likely our paths won’t cross again. It’s such an awesome feeling to be able to capture a sliver of someone’s life in an image.

Laurie & Louis

Laurie & Louis’ wedding was unbelievably amazing. The mix of culture and tradition was so inspiring. I can’t say enough about how wonderful a group I had the pleasure to be around and photograph that day. Best of luck to Laurie & Louis and to all of their amazing friends and family. Here is a small sample of the photos from their wedding.

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Jennifer & Nick’s Wedding

I had the pleasure to photograph Jennifer and Nick’s wedding. They are such a fun and amazing couple. Below are a few samples from the ceremony and reception.

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Autumn 2010

Well my favorite season is here again: Autumn. The air is crisp and the food is amazing. Jen & I have been taking leisurely strolls around town looking at the foliage. Below are a few shots taken this year. Enjoy!


Last week, Emma came in to work as a model for the cover of one of our magazines. She was amazing to work with…super professional and new exactly what to do. We spoke for a bit and she mentioned her father and mother are in the photography business and actually met in Paris as models. Her father is now a photographer working with New York City actors and actresses and her mother is the make-up artist. What an awesome team! Discovery Health Channel actually shot an episode of their popular show “Runway Moms” at their studio.

I’m unable to post most of the images until they’re published, but here are a few of the “out takes”. Special thanks to Betty (the art director) for giving me the opportunity to shoot with Emma.

UPDATE – See published photos below…


Topsmead State Forest

I drove up to Topsmead State Forest in Litchfield, CT around 7:30 this morning to meet up with Jennifer’s parents. All 3 of us ventured out into the fields, cameras in hand. The overcast skies provided nicely saturated colors. I shot mainly with the 24-70L F/2.8 & 70-200L F/2.8, but nothing compared to the 135L F/2.0 that Bill let me borrow towards the end of our hike. The image quality is “scary”, as Bill would say. Color, contrast, and sharpness are unbelievable, even wide open at F/2.0.

We arrived before the gates opened so we parked on the side of the road and hiked up. I set my white balance to cloudy and stayed there all morning. The colors were still on the cool side until the sun’s position rose above the trees though. I started with the 70-200 in hopes of seeing a deer in the field, but no dice. I switched over to the 24-70 once we walked away from the house and towards the butterfly garden. When we looped around back to the house I switched to Bill’s 135. I made it a point today to underexpose my shots to get better color detail. That is one thing I took away from Joe McNally’s seminar. To get good color, you have to compromise a bit of exposure. Most of the morning I was dialed on AV mode and between -1 and -2 EV compensation. ISO ranged from 100 – 1600.

Afterwards we headed back home where Jen was cooking an amazing lunch for us. We had a few Octoberfests, looked at a few pictures, and enjoyed the afternoon.

All post processing was done in Lightroom. I’m having a harder and harder time making it over to Photoshop these days. There just isn’t much need to anymore unless it’s for close-up headshots.

Check out the full set HERE.


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