People Magazine

A strange out of state number shows up on my cell phone. Do I pick up? Luckily I did. On the other end was Redux. They were looking for a photo assistant in the area to help cover a story for People magazine. Admittedly I was slightly sketched out by the phone call. Because they have to keep most of the facts on the down low, they weren’t able to tell me much about the story other than it was for a large media outlet and it had something to do with the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

I pulled up to Sandy Hook Promise and waited in the car, per instructions. After about 45 minutes I got a text message from the photographer who was looking out of the 2nd story window. He came down to meet me and gave me the instructions for the day. He was a cool guy. Looked the part for sure.

For the rest of the day, we followed around one of the families that was directly affected by the shooting. It was a touching experience and somewhat surreal to be so close to a family that we all watched on the news only a year earlier as they faced one of the worst experiences anyone can imagine.

Thanks to the amazingly nice people at Redux and People magazine for the opportunity to work with them on one of their feature stories.

Just to clarify, the images shown were not taken by me, but with the photographer that I worked with.