Kyle Saulnier – Who IS this man???

Composer, conductor, and musician Kyle Saulier is by far one of the most talented and dedicated professionals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. I met Kyle through a good friend of mine, Paul Bilodeau (another amazing musician and the person responsible for getting me into music),┬áback in high school. Over the years we all played a lot of cards and had a lot of laughs here in CT, in Boston, and now into New York City. Among other musical projects, Kyle is the conductor of the Awakening Orchestra, which recently raised enough money on kickstarter to fund their debut album. I had the chance to listen to a few of the mastered tracks after the shoot and I can honestly say it moved me. The sounds this orchestra creates are so sophisticated and blend so well that you can’t help but become lost in the music. The feeling that came to mind was a Sunday afternoon with a glass of wine and playing the album all the way through. And it isn’t your typical orchestra music either. It’s a blend of jazz, rock, avant garde, and classical. It sounds really amazing. So congrats to Kyle and the band on what I know will be a huge success when it’s released this coming Fall.

The title of this blog post by the way is a throw back to a saying we used to use all the time. Sort of an inside joke that I don’t totally understand. But it always sounds funny when said out loud and with emphasis.