The best thing about growing in any profession is the clarity that comes with time, experience, and endless hours of trial and error. And believe me, I’ve had endless mistakes and ideas that just never worked out. But one of the things I’ve learned over time is that simple is usually the best way to go. For this image, we used gold eye glitter, gold earrings, and sprayed on gold glitter to the back of a black foam core board to use as the background.

Only 1 light was used: an Alien Bee 400 shot into a beauty dish with a diffusion sock. In layman’s terms, a relatively soft round light above and in front of Sara. A large white reflector was held below her to bounce the light back up into her face and even out the lighting. If you look closely at her eyes, you can see the catch lights from both. And if you really zoom in, you can see me sitting on the floor framing the shot! SEE BELOW.

For anyone interested, this was shot at 200mm at F/3.2


Here are some unedited out takes from the shoot…

Here’s a diagram of the lighting setup:

And the not so glamourous background that creates the lighting effect behind her: