What are your wedding prices?

Wedding prices can be obtained only by contacting us directly. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have on wedding packages and albums!

What comes with your wedding packages?

ALL wedding packages include a complimentary engagement shoot, ALL edited imaged on a thumb drive, a private online gallery for sharing and ordering prints, and $100 CREDIT towards any wedding album

How do I access and purchase my images?

Clients are sent a private online gallery link with login credentials once editing is completed.

My friend can design an album online. Why should I order through you?

I am a registered professional with Graphistudio, the world’s leading wedding album company. They do not allow orders from the general public. Only professional photographers that have been accepted into their program can design and place orders with them. Their quality is miles ahead of companies available to the general public.

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes! I’ve shot weddings in almost every state in the Northeast as well as Florida, Italy, and the Caribbean.

Can you photoshop me?

I edit most every image to some extent. Levels, skin retouching, and color correction are part of the process. Special requests are charged separately for time.

Can I print my own images?

Yes. The images are yours once all transactions are completed. I HIGHLY recommend using my print service because of the quality difference, but you’re free to do as you wish with your images.

I’ve never modeled before. Is that ok?

Of course! Just show up with a good attitude and I’ll take care of the rest!

Do you have a studio?

Yes. I have a privately owned studio in the historic district of Watertown, CT

What should I wear to a photo session?

Scroll down to our “WHAT TO WEAR” section below.

How do I order custom frames for my prints?

Check out our tutorial on ordering prints and frames HERE.


Below are some general guidelines to help you in choosing what to bring to your photo session. Naturally, the type of shoot you’re doing with us will heavily influence your wardrobe, hair, makeup, etc. Use these tips to get you started.


• Be yourself.
• Simple is usually better. We want your photo experience to show off your best features.
• Generally, darker colored, pastels, and earthy colors works best. Bright colors can be tricky, especially if you are light skinned.
• Try to avoid colors that clash with your natural skin tone; if your cheeks are always rosy colored, try to avoid reds.
• Pants and skirts should always be darker than your shirt or blouse so the viewer’s eye always travels towards the face.
• Long sleeves work well. Your eye is naturally drawn to exposed skin and contrast. Eliminate those distractions by covering your arms and legs so the focus remains on your face.
• Wear dark or plain socks and shoes. White distracts.
• Keep makeup simple and conservative. It can very easily look overdone and forced. Makeup is an art, which is why we highly recommend using a professional makeup artist.
• Bring a few sets of clothes to our photo shoot so we can mix and match on the spot.
• Nothing too baggy or too tight.
• Don’t forget to coordinate your nail polish and accessories with the style and color clothes that you will be wearing.
• Avoid jewelry when possible. It usually distracts.
• Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and feels good. You won’t look good in a photograph if you don’t feel good about what you are wearing!
• Bring more than you’ll need. Just in case something doesn’t work out, rips, doesn’t fit correctly, etc. It’s always a good idea to have other options of clothing for your photo shoot.
• Undergarments: Wearing flesh- colored tones tend to work best at not showing up through your outfits.
• Come showered and clean. Make sure your hair is washed and finger/toe nails are manicured, and if painted, not chipped. This will end up being a focal point you don’t want in your photos.
• Avoid alcohol the day before the shoot and get a good night’s rest.


• Avoid white and light pastel colors.
• Warm earthy tones are best.
• Avoid v-necks.
• If you are shooting more than one top – be sure to mix up the necklines.
• Be sure that the top has shoulders – no spaghetti straps, tank tops or sleeveless shirts.
• Shirts with texture are great for headshots. (Sweaters, knit or ribbed material, etc).
• Solid colors. Avoid floral prints or patterns.
• No trendy or fashion oriented outfits.
• Be sure to have a good mix of colors and styles.
• No Jewelry!
• Make sure the clothing fits properly. Be realistic with your choices. Tight fitting clothes don’t always look the way you want in your photographs and may not come off professional.