What will be your favorite wedding photo in 25 years?

Ah yes. Pinterest. There’s no question it’s a great place for inspiration, but there is a danger that lies beneath the surface for upcoming brides.

When I started out, I quickly realized expression trumps EVERYTHING. Technical perfection, lighting, and composition (although extremely important) are secondary. Case in point, the classic yearbook photo. Probably the most technically perfect photo we have of ourselves during that time period, but we’re not showing that off to anyone (except maybe as a throwback thursday image on instagram).

But we will forever call favorite to terribly lit, out of focus, 1 megapixel photos of ourselves having a good time with our friends and smiling as our loved ones take the picture. Because in the end, what really matters is the energy surrounding the image.

I use Pinterest for ideas and welcome brides-to-be to send over their boards. It’s a great way to get on the same page with your clients and spark creativity. But those pre-planned amazing super shots that you saw from someone else’s wedding may not be your favorite photos in 25 years. There’s always the possibility they might, but they may also be the shots you try to hide under the bed. Trends fade. I mean, who doesn’t want that shot of the bridal party running from a T-Rex, right…?

What I’m saying is the images that define you and your wedding, more than likely, can’t be planned for.

Wedding photographer legend Cliff Mautner tells his clients that in 25 years he doesn’t want them to look at their album and remember, “Hey, remember when Cliff told us to do that?” or “Hey, remember how cool that background was?” He wants them to remember how they felt at that moment. He wants them to remember, “Hey, remember when you leaned over told me you loved me? I’ll never forget that moment”. From a man at the top of the field, there’s no better advice.

So…what will YOUR favorite wedding photos be? Well, they’ll probably be taken when you least expect it…at a moment unique to your wedding day. In fact, you probably wouldn’t have been able to plan them if you tried. But that’s the beauty of it. They will be yours and special to your day.

So what can you do to help realize these images? It’s easy, enjoy your wedding day and be happy. Try not to get caught up in pre-conceived ideas of what good wedding images are supposed to be or what the photographer should be doing. Trust in us. Become lost in your wedding day. Those are where the real images happen.

My passion lies in the images that your grandchildren will look at and feel exactly what you felt at that moment. You just can’t plan for them, but I assure you they will happen. Those moments are what keep me going…