Having taken an early retirement as a college dean three years ago, I joined Americorp as a VISTA (Volunteers  in Service to America) working with college students involved in community service projects.

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On Being Natural

Getting a good expression can’t be practiced. I know you all have that bathroom mirror look honed to perfection, but that hardly works in a portrait. You’d be surprised what people think looks “sexy”. In reality, it boils down to being yourself and letting go.

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California – 2012

Spent a jam packed week in southern California with stops to Jay Leno, Chip Foose, George Bariss, Carson Lev, the RCX convention, and much more. I even had the chance to shoot up to Burbank to see my uncle-in-law and spend a few hours at his beautiful home. It’s crazy how fast time goes by during trips like these. It’s 6 straight days of 7am – 11pm. Totally worth it though. Met a lot of great people and learned a ton. I’ll post the professional photos and videos once I get the go ahead, but in the meantime, here are a few pics I snapped on instagram:

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The Beauty in You

Let’s face it. The modern world has a warped perspecitve of what beauty is. We’re forced to look at images of  disproportionate bodies and unrealistic complexion. Most women end up in a race against themselves for the sliver of a chance that they’ll one day feel good enough. You don’t have to feel that way though. You can make a change in how you feel about yourself at any moment. Why not right now? Don’t wait until you lose 10 more pounds, until you get that new job, or after you get that new hair style. Feel beautiful today.

The most fulfilling part of my job is bringing out the beauty I see in you through a photograph that you can keep forever.

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Hip-Hop musician from Danbury, CT; Al-Fatir stopped by the studio Saturday with his manager and marketing director. In addition to these photos, we shot an interview which will premiere in late December.

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Mario Andretti

Taken at his private estate in Pennsylvania.



Another of the Sinister Girl’s stopped by the studio this week. Jessielee has an amazing tattoo of Alice in Wonderland.

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Ride with Pro Formula Drift Champion

I recently traveled to Dayton, Ohio to film at an air force base, and then jumped over to Chicago to cover an event. While in Chicago I was lucky enough to score a ride with pro formula drift champion, Vaughn Gittin Jr. Check it out.

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