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Cover shot for Radio Control Car Action Magazine – May 2010

Topsmead State Forest

I drove up to Topsmead State Forest in Litchfield, CT around 7:30 this morning to meet up with Jennifer’s parents. All 3 of us ventured out into the fields, cameras in hand. The overcast skies provided nicely saturated colors. I shot mainly with the 24-70L F/2.8 & 70-200L F/2.8, but nothing compared to the 135L F/2.0 that Bill let me borrow towards the end of our hike. The image quality is “scary”, as Bill would say. Color, contrast, and sharpness are unbelievable, even wide open at F/2.0.

We arrived before the gates opened so we parked on the side of the road and hiked up. I set my white balance to cloudy and stayed there all morning. The colors were still on the cool side until the sun’s position rose above the trees though. I started with the 70-200 in hopes of seeing a deer in the field, but no dice. I switched over to the 24-70 once we walked away from the house and towards the butterfly garden. When we looped around back to the house I switched to Bill’s 135. I made it a point today to underexpose my shots to get better color detail. That is one thing I took away from Joe McNally’s seminar. To get good color, you have to compromise a bit of exposure. Most of the morning I was dialed on AV mode and between -1 and -2 EV compensation. ISO ranged from 100 – 1600.

Afterwards we headed back home where Jen was cooking an amazing lunch for us. We had a few Octoberfests, looked at a few pictures, and enjoyed the afternoon.

All post processing was done in Lightroom. I’m having a harder and harder time making it over to Photoshop these days. There just isn’t much need to anymore unless it’s for close-up headshots.

Check out the full set HERE.


Early Autumn Sunday

Jen and I stopped at an apple orchard on the way home from Rhinebeck, NY yesterday and decided to bake an apple pie and invite over my mom and step-dad.

Canon 5D mark ii (24p)
24-70L F/2.8
50 F/1.8
85 F/1.8

Edited in Final Cut Pro.